Men Die in Military and Building Bridges


Americans continue to be confident in their military. And some of that confidence is because of the machinery they have. Collectors of that machinery like to show it off. Please have a look at our video: Jacques Littlefield's tank crushing a car July 4 2008

Gluten-Free: The Latest Dopey Food Fad America is blessed with amazing amounts and varieties of foodstuffs, but cursed by ignorant citizens and conflict-of-interest food manufacturers with big ad budgets. There is one trendy diet fad after another. The latest is low-gluten food, needed only by the small fraction of people who are gluten-intolerant. And we focus on what foods lack rather than what nutrients they contain.

Sources of Wisdom for Combatting Hearing Loss Those men (and women) who have decided to do something about their hearing loss can find it challenging to get accurate and objective information about assisted-hearing devices. The result for many of them is spending a lot of time with trial-and-error to find a usable solution, unfortunately ending up with no usable device.

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