Men Die in Military and Building Bridges

What Are Men Good For?

With cloning of humans a near-term likelihood, a few women might argue that men aren't needed at all. Nothing much except getting drunk or killing spiders, according to the UK's Daily News tabloid

But most women would agree that men can be useful for at least the following things:

When or where upper body strength is needed, e.g. as soldiers, policemen, or bodyguards. Or for opening jars and bottles. Or for climbing the occasional rope.

For mindless or dirty jobs. Taking out the garbage is generally accepted as a useful male task. As well as anything that could injure or deface fingernails (except for "metrosexuals", who value their fingernails), e.g., filling car tires with air. Disposing of dead mice, rats, etc. And putting worms or other bait on fishhooks.

Mechanical or carpentry skills (except for metrosexuals). Apparently this also includes carving the Thanksgiving turkey or any large or unwieldy piece of meat.