Men Die in Military and Building Bridges

Unequal Treatment

Uxorious is an adjective meaning "very or excessively fond of your wife". It comes from the Latin uxor (wife). There's no word in common use that can be used to describe a wife who is similarly fond of her husband. The only candidate is the invented (and rarely-used) word maritorious, from the Latin word for a husband (maritus).

Men are forced to wear heavy and hot dress jackets; women can wear as little as they want. So men swelter, get hot and exhausted, and may even pass out due to the heat. (Maybe this is why men sweat heavily and women don't, and likely evolved to sweat heavily (because evaporation cools) as a self-defense against dress standards.)

Most male animals have bright plumage. Most male humans have to wear black or other boring dark colors (a throwback to military uniforms).

The Spanish language seems to have more words meaning "manliness" than for any other concept. But the word "pueril", which means childish in a number of languages, also means boyish in Spanish.