Men Die in Military and Building Bridges

War Between Sexes

Keep in mind that male and female genders existed in the animal kingdom long before human beings evolved. Of course, human beings are a lot different from other animals, and many of the differences between men and women lead to the shorter longevity of the men. But during their respective lives, their different physiques and hormones cause behaviors that can only be described as battles or even all-out wars. And the male-female differences in their whole value systems can be substantial,and shift a lot over time. Of course, if there weren't differences life could get mighty boring. The male sex drive--originally intended to assure the survival of the human species--often gets him into lots of trouble, while the female's focus more on love and intimacy can more often keep her out of trouble. The physical strength and risk-tolerance of the man help perpetuate the species, but can put him in harm's way.