Movember is Here!

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The month of November, with the “N” changed to “M”, now is synonomous with MEN (who are proud to be able to grow a mustache because women can’t, or if they can they don’t want to) doing something to improve men’s health (e.g., preventing or treating prostate cancer), so they won’t die so young in the future. So now when you see giant mustaches sprout on the front of cars you know what it means. Of course the really ornate facial foilage that adorns a few mustache afficionados, and of course mostly earns the owner a lot of ridicule, takes a lot more than a month to grow. Have a look at the Movember website or Wikipedia.

Is Colorado Teenage Girls’ Attempt to Join ISIS an Example of Stupid Female Behavior or What?

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In January 2013 American women finally won the right to serve in combat. The change in the law was intended to cover women fighting FOR the United States. But three Colorado teenage girls–two sisters ages 17 and 15 (of Somali descent), and a 16-year-old friend (of Sudanese descent)—interpreted it differently. They ran away from home, and were detained in Frankfurt and sent home. The history behind this is still not clear, but one source said that they were victims of an online predator who encouraged them to travel overseas and eventually to Syria. Another source indicated that Islamic extremists have mastered social media to prey on younger and younger women with sugar-coated versions of what it is like to live under Muslim leadership, complete with promises of husbands and homes.