VOXXLIFE’s Products for Feet Magically Improve Comfort and Performance

When I first tried on a pair of VOXXSTASIS socks (at the Elevate Performance and PT studio in Redwood City, CA), I was astonished. Studio owner Nadine Waeghe and I took turns lifting each other with and without wearing the socks. It was clear to me that the socks made each of us significantly stronger. Subsequently I wore them in my ballroom dance shoes (special shoes with very thin soles) and noticed that my feet felt stronger and I could dance longer without wearing out. Then I bought a pair of VOXXBLISS insoles that I use in my TOPO walking shoes (which have no built-in sculptured insoles) per my Pilates instructor Maxine Walmsley at the Core Body Connections studio in Menlo Park, CA. These are intended to make my feet “walk as God intended”. Presumably these products will help other people with (or without) challenged feet.