“Sports Fan” : More “Fan” Than “Sport”

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Most sports involve motion, strength, endurance, and other features that help keep us fit and healthy. And they take some level of commitment to initiate and continue. Most everyone would agree that this leads to a longer and healthier life. But you have to actually participate to get these benefits. Just watching doesn’t do it. In fact, the food and drink you consume while sitting and watching—either in front of your TV set or in a stadium or other venue–may actually shorten your life and make you less fit. (Another life-shortening activity is to waste time commenting on your favorite or least-favorite sports team after articles such as this. Better to turn off your PC or tablet or smartphone and do something active.) True, if you make the trek to watch in person, you may get some benefit from walking and climbing stairs, being jostled by other fans, etc. But you would be far better off by forgetting the watching and actually engaging in some sport. And never, never hire someone whose resume mainly features a hobby of sports fan.