How to Keep Basketball Scores Realistic

Anyone who watches basketball games knows that most players are tall enough to “dunk” (i.e., push the ball down into the hoop and net). This leads to having scores that are frequently over 100. We suggest raising the hoop to prevent dunking and force the players to be more clever in their shots and make the game to make more interesting to the spectators.

During Your Visit to a Doctor’s Office You Can Spend More Time Filling Questionnaires Than Being Examined

Unless this is your first visit to the doctor, when the doctor needs basic information about you, you should be able to tell the doctor immediately what is bothering you and start a dialog about your health. In the case of an accident or emergency, there are no questionnaires. If there is an emergency, you need an Emergency Medical Technician with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients.

How Swimmers Can Prevent Headaches

Swimmers’ headaches can be caused by two different things. One is swimming in too cold water. We and our spouse are swimmers. She has been swimming longer than us, so knew why I was suffering one day. In our case, it was too-cold water, and when the pool learned about the problem, they posted the temperature at the entry for several days. The other cause is swim caps or swimming goggles.

The Covid-19 Isn’t the Only Reason People Are Fat

Not all countries have the same eating habits, but the ones that have abundant food. over-eat and under-exercise. Over-eating in the United States was proven by research by Brian Wansink. His research was compelling (if memory serves we bought his book during a Cornell reunion), the Wall Street Journal referenced him saying that overweight waiters may inspire restaurant customers to eat and drink more. Unfortunately, Wansink was cheating on his research to make it more newsworthy. The Wall Street Journal’s OVERHEAD column did some pizza research that showed the largest pizza-makers sold a lot more during the COVID. But there is also the good news that scientists found that the coronavirus attacks fat tissue. And you are not alone.


Kiwano Horned Melons Look Ugly But Taste Awful

We are an adventurous eater, so we bought a kiwano horned melon in Safeway, based on an article in Parade magazine. It was esoteric-looking, which was surprising at a store that is so mainstream. When we were preparing a small plate of fruit for breakfast we were baffled as to how to eat it. The Web advised us to slice it open and spoon the pulp directly from the rind. We are brave eaters of new foods, but this fruit exceeded our limits. Other fruits such as cantaloupes have seeds and goo inside them, but people (including us) throw the seeds and goo away. Apparently, it is a popular snack in Africa.

Why can’t I Buy Bread in Stores that is as Good as I can Make Myself?

In yesteryears, there was a popular bread named WonderBread. Nutritionists said, “It’s a wonder it doesn’t kill you!” And there was a saying about the miracle of sliced bread. Today you can buy a variety of tasty and nutritious loaves—sliced or unsliced–from competent bakers or at farmers’ markets. But even those loaves don’t satisfy as much as ones that you have made yourself. We grew up next to our grandparents, and we loved it when our grandmother gave us a still-warm loaf (which was raised next to a wood-burning stove) for our next meal. In our case, we purchased a bread machine (ours is the Zojirushi), which does most of the work and ensures that our timing of the mixing and raising are correct. Most of our value-added is in choosing a recipe (we refer to The Bread Machine Cookbook, by Donna Rathmell German), assembling the ingredients, making sure that it is behaving properly in the early stages, and carefully removing the loaf from the machine (it doesn’t surrender its bounty without effort). The pandemic underscored the benefits of home baking.


Podiatrists Either Do Too Much or Too Little

We’ve had both types. We have a bunion on our left foot, which was inherited from both parents, which is common.  For several years we did nothing except buy full-foot custom orthotic inserts. Then for several more years, we went to a podiatrist (at a multiple-doctor practice) who did nothing except confirming that I had a bunion. After that, we went to a podiatrist who did slice a narrow chunk of flesh and nail off a toe on our right foot. He told us that he does a lot of surgery, and one day he offered us the alternative of surgery or a cortisone shot. We chose the shot. Then we went to a different multiple-doctor practice for three years, with a different podiatrist each year. The first two podiatrists did nothing, the third prescribed a small, simple, inexpensive orthotic which was all we needed.

Dr. Fauci: Star of TV and Cartoons Section

Several centuries ago, William Shakespeare wrote, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Thus has the name of Dr. Anthony Fauci become a household word, for a wide range of ages. One measure of his value has been that President Trump attacks him because he is afraid of the truth that Dr. Fauci brings to us.